Fuzion Scooters - Z250, Z300 & Z350 Scooters, Entropy Deck, Leo Spencer Deck

Fuzion Scooters are born out of California, USA and are rapidly becoming a leader in the engineering and development of high end stunt scooters and aftermarket parts. Originally, misunderstood as a core scooter brand, they set about recruiting riders to help them truly innovate and inspire the Sport. In recent years they've worked closely with Tyler Chaffin, one the worlds top riders to achieve this.

The Fuzion stunt scooter range features scooters to suit all abilities and each comes in a number of unique colour schemes and finishes. The Fuzion Z250 pro scooter is a fantastic beginner level stunt scooter, perfect for riders getting into the sport. The Z250 is strong and lightweight, making it ideal for new riders learning new tricks and developing on.

The Fuzion Z300 scooter is the perfect pro stunt scooter for the beginner to intermediate rider. This scooter provides superb value for money, offering custom made components at a very reasonable price point. The Z300 has been revamped for 2020 and, compared to previous editions, now features a wider deck, headtube cutouts and a new neck, which has been designed to improve the strength whilst decreasing the weight. The Z300 is Fuzion's most popular pro stunt scooter and it is easy to see why.

Finally, you get to the Fuzion Z350 scooter, the ultimate top end pro scooter. The Z350 has received a major overhaul for 2020, having been completely redesigned from top to bottom. The neck and headtube have both been re-engineered to withstand everything that the best pro riders in the world can throw at it. This in turn has resulted in a new deck that is wider, stronger and lighter than the 2019 model. The Fuzion Z350 has also been given a brand new aluminium fork and set of bars, plus 110mm hollowcore wheels. You would be very hard pushed to find a better pro scooter for this price.

The Fuzion Entropy deck comes as standard on both the Z300 and Z350 pro scooter models. This deck has been made slighter longer and wider than its previous incarnations and is remarkably strong, light and balanced.


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Fuzion Scooters FAQ
Are Fuzion scooters a good brand?
What is the best Fuzion scooter?

The best Fuzion scooter is the Fuzion Z350 which is a high quality pro scooter which is perhaps the best value pro scooter available in the market.

What riders use Fuzion scooters?

Fuzion scooters are used by some of the best riders in the world including Tyler Chaffin and UK pro rider Leo Spencer.

How much does the Fuzion Z350 weigh?

The Fuzion Z350 2021 complete weighs in at an incredibly light 3.25kg, which is amazing considering the strength this scooter has in order to handle the...

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