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CORE Scooters are one of the fastest growing scooter brands in the UK and produce some of the best safety equipment and hardware in the extreme sports industry. Core Titanium Bars are the lightest and most in demand scooter bars available, developed to be extra light but also extra strong. Ridden, tested and approved by some of the best riders in the world, these bars are manufactured from space grade titanium and their ergonomic design will feel perfect in your hands.

Originating in Liverpool, UK, the Core Scooters brand was developed with a passion to deliver originally a new generation of lighter and stronger scooter bars to the stunt market, who were churning through their Aluminium bars at a rate of knots! The Core Titanium Bar range was born as a result and delivered some of the strongest and lightest bars out there, therefore enpowering riders to improve their trick ability in bar spins and tail whips due to the lighter setup that they could rely on. Since their inception they've gone on to develop a full protection range including helmets, gloves, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads and ankle guards. More recently they've launched a Skatebag that can carry your helmet and a fresh range of hollowcore scooter wheels and griptapes.

Core Scooters recently released their first ever signature product, created for their long standing team member Jack "Halfbarz" Ward. Core Halfbarz utilises the same technology as Core's very popular Titanium bars range which makes these very light and super strong. The bars have been manufactured from space grade titanium and designed ergonomically so that they fit perfectly in your hands.

Core Hollowcore wheels have been redesigned after the original versions proved to be incredibly popular and sold out everywhere. The Core V2 wheels now feature a new concave aluminium core, which helps to reduce the weight and increase speed. As the name might suggest, these wheels have a hollow centre, instead of the more traditional solid centre, which helps to reduce weight whilst not comprising on the strength. Core Hollowcore V2 wheels are made from 88a urethane, which gives a grippy finish that is perfect for either street or park riding.


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Is Core a good scooter brand?

Core is one of the most exciting and fastest developing scooter brands in the UK, causing a stir on the scene with their supremely light titanium bars...

How light are Core scooter bars?

The Core Nova titanium scooter bars are the lightest on the market and weigh and incredible 700 grams. These bars have become the must-have scooter bar...

Are Core helmets good?

Core helmets offer superb style and comfort, offfering excellent protection whether riding your bike or shredding up the skatepark. Core helmets are great... logo
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