Entity Scooter Parts - Vulcan, Seraph and T Titanium Scooter Bars

Entity is a British manufacturer that specialises in parts and accessories for stunt scooters. Entity have teamed up with a team of specialist welders to create the UK's only TIG weld and back purge titanium bars. Every single Entity bar has been professionally welded and back purged here in the UK, which gives Entity full control over every single aspect of the design, development and construction of the bars, ensuring maximum quality.

Entity's team has been sourced from experts with many years of experience manufacturing titanium parts for the military, motorsport and medical device industries. They only source and use the highest quality raw materials and the most up to date manufacturing processes to create their bars, so you can be assured of the quality of the end product.

Entity have made sure that they put innovation, quality and fairness at the heart of everything that they do. They want to make sure that all scooter riders have the chance to use true titanium bars and so strive to make their products as affordable as they can. Entity are constantly redeveloping their processes and invest their profits back into the company so that they can continue to grow and bring awesome parts to the scooter industry.


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Entity ensure the upmost quaity in their processes, sourcing the very best materials with a team of manufacturing experts whose previous experience includes...

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