Chubby Scooters - Doughnut Wheels, Pizza Wheels, Scooter Griptape, Doughnut Headsets

Born out of Newquay, England, this rider owned brand has been developed to bring a whole new young, fun and unique vibe to stunt scooters. For those that want to personalise their scooter, chubby have taken their designs to a whole new level, with products being absolutely awesome take offs of other known products in life. Chubby Scooters are most well known for the doughnut designs on the wheels, headsets and griptape.

All of the Chubby designs are handmade by specialist artistic skill, and are developed with riders preferred styles and designs in mind. Here at we run the full range of designs and the response from riders on this brand has been breathtaking. The Chubby griptape has also been developed with extra grit in mind and dimensions to enable it to fit every size scooter deck.

Chubby have recently released the Cyclops Fork, a very strong but light stunt scooter fork. With their fun and unique design, these forks are sure to draw attention from other riders. 

Chubby's most popular line is their Doughnut Scooter Wheels, Headset and Griptape, however they've now expanding this to include other concepts from Oreo Doughnut Wheels, Pizza Wheels amongst others.


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Chubby Scooters
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Chubby produce some of the coolest scooter wheels and various other parts on the market, featuring all maner of delicious designs and creations. Not only... logo
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