Rookie Roller Skates - Blossom, Fab and Bubblegum Quad Roller Skates, Disco and All Star Wheels, Toe Stops

Rookie Roller Skates are a rollerskates company based in the UK, who were one of the very first names on the scene when they first started back in 1978. They are still one of the most popular brands in the skating industry today. Rookie Roller Skates are designed to be suitable for all; whether you are young or old, male or female, inexperienced or a seasoned professional. Rookie Roller Skates have been created with a fun, retro feel in mind, making sure you stand out from the crowd.

Rookie Blossom roller skates give you the look and feel of an Artistic styled boot with the convenience of size adjustability. These skates come with a unique adjustment system within the boot that is easily used to fine tune the size of the skate and it will grow alongside your child's growing feet.

Rookie Bubblegum roller skates are a new, lightweight skate from the guys at Rookie Roller Skates. These skates feature fresh pastel colours to really make you stand out. Rookie Bubblegum skates come with extra padded fleece lining for added comfort as well as high grip Polyurethane wheels for maximum responsiveness when skating.

Rookie Fab Adjustable skates are aimed at younger riders and beginners. These skates have been designed specifically for children and have combined superb comfort with a practical and easy adjustment system, which makes these skates ideal for children with growing feet. The Semi-soft boot offers ample support and allows natural movement whilst skating.

Remember to pack your protection and if you need any help at all with deciding your Roller Skates purchases and want to speak to an expert feel free to call Skates HQ or visit our buying guide.


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