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Hoverboards & Swegways as they're known were the 2015 Christmas Product of the Year! Everybody famous is riding them from the Beckhams to Justin Bieber. The beauty of these products is the ability to be able balance and move along with the smallest of foot and balance movements. The hoverboard is a self balancing scooter which works much like a segway, minus the handlebars. The key is choosing a good hoverboard is looking at the type of battery used (LG or Samsung are good quality) and the power of the motor, typically with Samsung batteries you can last for about 15-20km of use with a full charge. There are also additional safety features for when the product reaches full speed.

Hoverboards have come a long way since their newsworthy break out in 2015. The boards are now tested to much higher standards, and are not even let into the country if they can't be proved to be safety tested to extremely high standards now set by UK trading standards. We focus on stocking only the highest quality balance boards.

The main differences between the various balance boards are found to be battery quality, size of wheel, bluetooth setup and other visual features. A number of new accessories are also coming out at the moment to help to transform your balance board into a mini go kart to have fun on.

Hoverboards as a product in general aren't cheap, but the ability to ride along at speed along surfaces is terrifically fun! It's a great kids toy, or perfect for getting around with very little effort.

It does take a while to learn how to use a hoverboard effectively! We highly recommend you check out some online youtube videos showing you how to get on them safely. Please also note that many hoverboards are also designed for safety to turn 1 way faster than the other.

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