Longboard Bushings

Longboard bushings are so important for great control and responsiveness when riding. Here at Skates.co.uk, we stock a range of orangatang and enuff longboard and skateboard bushings for all boards. We stock a range of hardnesses according to the needs of riders, and brands also including Independent, Bones, Orangatang, Powerall and Sabre.

So how do you choose the right bushings for you? We each longboard truck needs 2 bushings in it, but getting the correct setup will make a big difference to your riding for such a small item!

Key decision factors need to be:

1. Longboard Bushing Durometer or hardness - this is listed in the product titles, for example 90A is softer and more responsive than 93A but will wear down faster and may also be harder to control in the turn.

2. The Bushing Size and Shape - The shape affects the way a truck turns and how much it turns. Bigger Bushing are an alternative option to harder bushings.

Look for any bushings that have "kingcone", "fatcone", "eliminator" or "chubby" in the name if you're looking to be able to turn more easily.

3. Measure your current/old bushings first, and base your change off riding style off this. A bigger bushing will make the longboard stronger and more stable but less reaction to the turn.

4. Finally don't forget about the washers - this make much more of a minor difference, but they're a factor if you're wanting to perfect your riding style.


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