Striker Scooters - Lux Scooter, Sig & Lux Decks, Titanium Bars, Clamps and Grips

Striker Scooters is a Danish brand who make stunt scooters and scooter parts. Striker Scooters put quality first in everything that they do, from the design process to production of the final product. Striker Scooters started off just making scooter wheels, however they quickly branched out into other parts such as scooter decks and scooter bars. Striker made a name for themselves thanks to their fantastic designs and attention to detail.

Striker Scooters recently launched the Lux Scooter, an incredibly light and versatile stunt scooter that is perfect for both beginners and intermediates alike. This scooter setup is perfect for any full size rider wanting big airs and tricks down at the skatepark, thanks to it's incredibly light weight of just 3.1kg. Extra gussets and framework in both the bars and decks have been added to provide maximum strength and enable it to withstand anything that is thrown at it.

Striker titanium bars are their most popular scooter bars, with reinforced gussets where double tubes meet for added strength. This bar is very lightweight, thanks to its titanium construction, but it also provides just as much strength as a steel bar. It comes ready for both SCS and HIC setups.

Striker Essence clamps are their new lean, mean and clean clamps. These clamps are perfect for most setups and are made from strong aluminium, which gives increased durability. The latest version of the Essence clamps have cut down a little on the weight thanks to their updated stylish design. They also come with a shim so that they will work with both standard and oversized bars.

Striker Scooters is an upcoming scooter brand from Denmark, producing high end Bars, Forks, Headsets and Wheels for dedicated scooter riders.

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