Adjustable Ice, Figure and Hockey Skates

Adjustable Ice Skates for figure and hockey skating. These types of skates are increasingly popular with anyone that has a growing feet! Meaning in particular parents love to get adjustable sized skates, as it means they don't have to keep purchasing new pairs of skates every time their child's feet grows. The other benefit of purchasing ice skates online, is that the chances of there being issues with the sizing is far lower, reducing the chances of needing to return or exchange the skates for a different size.

At we offer a large range of adjustable ice skates. Generally you'll find these skates suit 2 styles - recreational use and for ice hockey. Due to the precision needed in figure skating, adjustable skates just wouldn't be effective enough for the skater to achieve the things necessary when skating.

These kinds of skates are usually best suited for parents looking for value for money, and those with kids that have fast growing feet! logo
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