Abec 11 Wheels for Longboards, Flashbacks, Freerides

Abec 11 are incredibly dedicated to serving their rider fanbase with nothing but the best quality wheels. In using state-of-the-art technology and high quality urethane, Abec 11 is able to deliver superior products at a reasonable cost for riders. We stock a wide selection of different wheels in different sizes and hardness levels and durometers. Popular Abec 11 wheels for longboards and skateboards include the NoSkoolz, Flashbacks, FreeRides, ZigZags, Retro Zigzags, BigZigs, Flywheels, Centrax, and Gumballs. These wheels are suitable for riders of all abilities including beginners and professional riders.

Abec 11 is unique in their company ethos when developing their Longboard Wheels in that their product development is both product and team driven. A skater owned company since 2000, they aim to meet the needs of the worlds most demanding skaters. Born out of California, Huntington Beach, their wheels use unique formula combinations to offer some of the best shape, size and durometers for Longboard / Skateboard Wheels out there worldwide, and with the ability to test right on their doorstep they can ensure things are done correctly. The ABEC 11 brand includes a 6 brand range series, here at skates.co.uk we stock all the available options for the UK.

One great thing about ABEC 11, above some of the other brands out there is that they really test products fully before release through their huge skate team of over 50 riders.....yes 50! The reason is to ensure all the needs of different skaters are met through their full range. Many of the guys are based in CA, right where they're from.

Finally it's important to make it clear that ABEC 11 is a brand of Skateboard and Longboard Wheels, its doesn't refer to the traditional term relating to bearings speed, so don't confuse the 2.

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