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North Scooters are based in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada and make some of the best stunt scooters & scooter parts in the world. At their core is a group of riders who directly influence all decision making, which enables their products to stay at the top of the industry. North Scooters strive not just to make high-quality products, but also to continue to grow and support the industry itself.

North Scooters are making strides in innovation and design, offering some of the most modern develped scooter decks out there. The great thing about North Scooters is that they want to support the sport and industry itself, they're aim is not to just be about the money, but about building a collective, and building a brand that riders feel an affinity towards.

North's aim is to reshape the scooter industry by making high end parts both in design and manufacturing quality. They achieve some of the manufacturing side, by using innovative design techniques and use of quality materials.

The North Atlas and Paradise Scooter decks for example feature a thicker deck profile, fully flat bottom, a new squarer front end and even a top cutout for added style and weight reduction, with the decks intended for hard and intense level riding.

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North are a Canadian scooter brand who produce good quality scooters by riders, for riders. logo
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