Venom Mini BMX Bikes - Pro & Original Models

Venom as a company have been around since 2012 when the founders, a group of extreme sports enthusiasts, came across the original craze for mini BMX's being hand crafted in Indonesia. They immediately fell in love with them and set up Venom, which were arguably the first mass produced mini bmx's out there.

Since the first design, they have been tweaked and reworked constantly, always persuing perfection with an incredible attention to detail. Venom Mini BMX bikes are designed to be suitable for all ages and affordable to all. 

Venom make two versions of their very popular mini BMXs, the standard and the pro models. The smaller, budget friendly Venom Mini BMX has many of the great features of the pro model but at a reduced cost. It features a high tensile framce, 30 psi tyres on new CNC wheels, tapered thread forks, a new premium saddle and lightweight plastic pedals. The latest model includes upgrades to the top loaded stem and the CNC dropouts plus an updated colour range, so you should be able to find the one that you want. 

This years Venom Pro Mini BMX has been reworked upon the advice of some absolute legendary testing by the guys at Nitro Circus, and all of the Venom team themselves. On top of all the features of the standard model, The Venom Pro Mini BMX also comes with an integrated headset, 10 inch steel rims, 3-piece cranks, updated rear dropouts and premium, translucent colour schemes.

As well as having high quality wheels, bars, seat and frame, the Venoms feel great to ride and are sure to fulfill all your adrenaline inducing trick needs. Get ready to see more of these babies at a local skate park near you and always if you have anything you would like to ask us about them feel free to give us a call.

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