Street Sledge Boards

Street Sledge are a UK company that are aiming to bring downhill gravity sports to the masses. Street Sledge boards were designed and created by a team of top skaters, utilising their real life experience to make a brand new and exciting product.

The Street Sledge is easy to use, quick to learn and above all, very fun to ride. Street Sledge boards are a cross between a go-kart and a winter sledge and are designed to turn the smallest slope into an action-packed adventure playground.

With products such as their complete sledge, you can replicate the high adrenaline feeling of gravity sports in a safe manner. A new style of action sport, these skate inspired boards have been specifically made for downhill riding. Imagine those days as a kid when you'd sit on a skateboard riding down that crazy hill, trying for your life not to come off! These boards are designed exactly for this, with greatly stability and turning circle than a normal board.

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