Logic Scooters - Titanium Bars, Axis Bars, 5 Spoke Wheels, HIC and SCS Clamps, Pegs, Headsets, Griptape

Logic have managed to create some truly unique and high quality products. Their range stretches across scooter bars, wheels, scs clamps, headsets, pegs and grip tape. Logic have worked tirelessly for a long time with riders in order to create some of the best products on the market. All Logic parts are produced to a very high quality whilst still being able to be reasonably priced compared to other brands.

After 6 years of developing & designing other brands products, Logic Scooters launched in 2015. Their vast experience was teamed up with a number of OG riders respected in the sport around the world, some of which had previously ridden for some of the biggest brands in the sport. In partnership with them, Logic have been developing high end and unique scooter parts currently needed in the sport, but where other brands have neglected attention.

Logic are at the forefront of product innovation in the Stunt Scooter industry. They released the World's 1st Neochome Aluminium Scooter bar, and has been getting huge attention from riders. The Logic Axis bars look set to become a huge bar in the sport in the coming years.

Other popular Logic Scooters products include their classic 5 spoke and 6 spoke wheels, and their HIC Clamps which are increasingly being used by riders for converting their scooters to IHC or HIC setups.


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Are Logic a good scooter brand?

Logic are an extremely reputable scooter parts brand who have made it their mission to offer high quality scooter parts at a fraction of the cost of other...

How heavy are Logic Titanium bars?

Logic Apollo Titanium scooter bars weight an incredibly light 720g, which is even more impressive given the fact they are thicker and stronger than other...

Are Logic scooter wheels good?

Logic scooter wheels are the pick of the logic product range, available in an aray of colours, featuring a metal core and ABEC 9 bearings, at a steal ...

What is the lightest Lucky deck?

The Lucky Jayden Sharman signature scooter deck is the lightest in the Lucky range, weighing in at an incredibly light 1.2kg.

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