Drone Scooters - Shadow Decks,  Predator Bars, Aeon Forks, Enigma SCS Clamp, Wheels, Lunar Clamp, Synergy Headsets, Precision Pegs

Drone Scooters was the dream of an ex. aggressive skater that wanted to bring the quality and artwork seen in his sport over to the Scooter industry. A UK based brand, Drone has become world known, with riders such as Reece Prince representing the brand and seeing it grow.

Drone Scooters most popular parts include the Icon 3 Scooter Decks for both Street and Park riding, whilst their Relic Bars are popular amoungst street riders, and the Predator Aluminium Bars suit Park riders or those wanting extra light setups. Their Enigma SCS Clamp and Lunar HIC Clamp is perfect for clean looking setups, whilst the Aeon Forks replace the hugely popular Majesty Scooter Forks.

Drone focus on producing premium quality aftermarket customisable products to the stunt scooter. Products are developed by the riders themselves, and are produced with the highest quality materials available. Drone's artistic team design their logos and looks based again on what their riders want to see.

Drone are a UK based company, originating in Manchester, they focus on high-end, aftermarket custom scooter parts. Drone's focus is on artistic beautiful products, that look both stylish and deliver a quality of product that riders love.

Since the beginning Drone's forks, clamps, decks and other parts have been influenced hugely by riders themselves, with Skates.co.uk very own Reece Prince joining the team to help Drone grow out of humble beginnings. Each logo and illustration has been hand drawn with a quill and ink.

More recently Drone released their new Icon 3 Scooter Deck, designed for core pro riders wanting to customise their setup to be the best it can be. Their products are majorly tested before each release by the riders, and if quality isn't up to scratch they'll hold back from running the products.


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Drone Scooters
Are Drone scooters good?

Drone scooters feature some of the slickest designs on the market and their complete scooters, including the Element and the Shadow 2, which are superb...

Is Drone a good scooter brand?

Drone are a high quality scooter brand with a particular focus on sharp artistry and design work. For the design conscious rider who wants to look good...

Is the Drone Shadow 2 a good scooter?

For an advanced rider the Drone Shadow 2 is on of the best complete scooters on the market. The shadow 2 is perfect for either park or street and is 20...

Are Drone forks good?

Drone produce excellent, high quality aftermarket scooters parts such as clamps, headsets, forks and much more.

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