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Addict Scooters were formed in 2009 by a group of riders and have been making high quality stunt scooters for a decade, using their combined experience to refine and rigorously test their products. Addict scooter products only make it onto the market when the riders and designers are completely happy with the product so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are buying quality.

Addict Scooters offer some totally unique designs, and take lightweight scooter products to a whole new level, with even plastic breaks on their decks?! Some of their handlebar designs look sick, so if you want to ride light and look great, addict scooters are great choice. They're most well known for their lightweight scooter decks, and riders who want to have real freedom without weight holding them down when landing tricks will go for Addict.

Addict have been reborn as a brand in recent years, with fresh investment and a totally fresh brand range developed by experts with a skate manufacturing background.

The Addict Equalizer Scooter is a park/street hybrid scooter that's built for all round use. Designed for big riders, with a substantial deck for larger feet, this scooter is ideal for those looking to upgrade to something more stunt focused.

The Addict Defender Scooter has been newly designed for 2020, featuring a new deck design. Perfect for both beginners and intermediates, this popular all round scooter is very strong and at only 4.1kg is light for such a large sized scooter.

The Addict Revenger Scooter is a pure street scooter with its squared off deck and T-Bars. This premium scooter comes with the widest deck of any complete scooter on the market and displays the flair and style that has become synonymous with Addict.

In terms of scooter parts, Addict products are second to none. Addict Blacksmith Decks have been painstakingly tested for over two years by some of the planet's leading street riders. Available in a range of sizes, the Blacksmith Deck features a 125mm wide deck with a large grind surface. 

Addict OG Grips are some of the best scooter grips ever made. Available in a huge range of different colours and designs, OG Grips are some of the longest on the market at 180mm and have recently been revamped with new bar ends.  

The design and development of these scooters has been build predominantly for scooter street shredders, and has been designed by riders themselves. In partnership with Shiner UK, they've redeveloped it's whole range, to meet the needs of mature riders in the sport, wanting to focus on street or core scooter riding.


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Addict FAQS
Are Addict Scooters good?

Addict offer fantastic scooters, and their 3 complete scooters, the Defender, Revenger and Equaliser offer something for every level of rider.

What's the difference between the Addict Revenger, Equaliser and Defender?

The Defender is an all round scooter for beginners and intermediates.

Whats the best Addict Scooter?

The Addict Revenger is the best scooter from Addict, featuring a super wide deck, 30mm wide Radix wheels and a slick, stylish design.

Is Addict a good scooter brand?

Addict is an excellent scooter brand that ensures quality, not only with their scooters, but also with their parts. logo
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