Sacrifice Scooters - Flyte 100 & 115, Sacci Junior, OG Player Scooters, Spy Wheels, Clamps & Grips

Sacrifice Scooters offer the lightest stunt scooters on the market, with their Sacrifice Flyte range. Designed with the best parts available in 100mm & 115mm wide decks, Sacrifice use their fluting technology to save weight but keep the strength. Coming in at under 3kg, you won't find a lighter stunt scooter on the market. Sacrifice's mission is to make the best scooters out there with lightweight technology. The team worked through countless prototypes and extensive testing, looking at all the fundamental riding pressures exerted on all the parts of the scooter before the formula for Sacrifice was conceived.

By far Sacrifice most popular product, are the Flyte Scooters. These have received huge interest from riders due to their super lightweight build, allowing riders to jump higher and ride bigger than ever before. When the scooter was developed, every decision was made to minimise weight whilst also enabling riders not to have to compromise on the strength of their scooter.

The Flyte 100 V2 is the lightest pro scooter on the market and it has been designed for riders that want the best quality scooter, but with a lighter and narrower set-up. The Flyte 115 V2 is one of Sacrifice's bestselling scooters and is perfect for younger riders who are looking for a stunt scooter that gives the best of everything that Sacrifice has to offer.

The Flyte 100 deck is 100mm wide and the Flyte 115 deck is 115mm wide, hence the respective names. These decks have been constructed to maximise strength while minimising weight. Both the Flyte 100 and the Flyte 115 incorporate Sacrifices's new IHC system with the Cyborg fork, oversized aluminium bars, and Spy collar clamp. They come complete with slick new Delta-Core wheels, Roller Coaster bearings, custom fitted grip tape, and Spy-Grips.

Sacrifice products feature a number of bright and contrasting color ways, and love to run neochrome on both their scooters and parts. Their products are about not just looking good though, they're also about performance too for both customers and their pro riders.

Sacrifice Scooters burst onto the stunt scooter scene as the industry launched in 2012. They started off with iconic cut out decks and completes, but nowadays have developed into a huge, international brand, which is widely respected by scooter riders all over the world.

Coming out of Australia, Sacrifice are one of a number of scooter brands that have gone global as the sport grew worldwide. Their products are generally developed to be lightweight, or built super strong in order to sustain even the heaviest rider.

More recently, Sacrifice have released their premium end Akashi range. These products have been developed for the advanced rider can feature ultra strong decks and bars, with awesome and unique colorways to appeal to all audiences in the scooter scene. The decks feature a patented scooter base designed to enable riders to grind on rails and ledges in a smoother and more effective way.

In more recent times, Sacrifice have partnered with Claudius Vertesi to launch his signature CV range of scooters and parts, these are co-branded with sacrifice and feature extremely bright and engaging colorways as well as super light parts including Titanium Bars.

Other popular parts include the Hyper Headsets, Spy Grips as well as their Spy SCS Clamps.

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