Fixing Stunt Scooter Problems


My Scooter is broken or faulty, what do I do?

If you are concerned about your scooter having broken, been faulty, or developed a problem after riding, before contacting us directly, have a good read through below and you may just find the solution!

Stunt Scooters especially are used for tricks and jumps, and are now categorised as a piece of extreme sports equipment. Over the years of selling stunt scooters we’ve come across all the possible issues riders have and can therefore advise with expert knowledge on the cause and the solution. It's important to understand stunt scooters, although designed for for extreme use, are like anything…..they can break with misuse or wear and tear over time, with issues like this we can’t cover the product under warranty.

For a full breakdown of our warranty policies for scooters see: 

Looking after your scooter or keeping it dialled is key to maintaining it, and allowing it to last the longest possible time, and that’s why we provide a maintenance guide as a part of our scooter bonus pack to help you out.

Steps to solving scooter problems:

Step 1: Check the product paperwork/manual. Make sure everything is put together as it was intended by the manufacturer.

Step 2: Check the Relevant Scooter Part Issue Area

Rounded Axle or Clamp Bolts -

To avoid problems it’s really important when you are tightening the bolts on your scooter you do 2 things. Firstly, use the right size tool, allen key or spanner. Secondly, do not over tighten bolts. 

Solution: If you’ve already done this, best option is to view some youtube videos showing you how to fix this: 

Wheels out of Alignment - 

This is usually because the compression bolt on the scooter is not fully tightened. To fix this, undo your clamp and remove the bar from the scooter. Underneath will be a bolt running through the fork. This needs to be tightened up fully. Then, just pop the bar back on and tighten the clamp bolts fully. 

Solution: Tighten the compression bolt and clamp bolts. 

Noisy or Sticking Headset - 

Headsets have a lot of moving parts within them, and can easily break, however stunt scootering have moved towards integrated headsets to help reduce this issue in recent years. 

Solution: Remove, take apart the headset and clean any muck or mud off it, apply lubricant or grease. Sometimes the item is beyond repair and a replacement is needed due to wear and tear.

Wheels - Flat Spotting, Chunking or Dehubbed - 

Wheels can easily break if not effectively ridden properly. 

Solution for Flat Spots: Caused by excessive aggressive braking when riding, a replacement wheel is the only solution. This isn't covered under warranty.

Solution for Chunking: Usually caused by either excessively aggressive twisting, spin or turning tricks upon landing your tricks. Focus on improving your riding technique for cleaner landings. A replacement wheel is the only solution. This isn't covered under warranty.

Solution for Dehubbing: Usually caused by either excessively aggressive twisting, spin or turning tricks upon landing your tricks. Focus on improving your riding technique for cleaner landings. A replacement wheel is the only solution. Dehubbing is covered under warranty in most cases - please contact to open up a warranty case. 

Loud or Slow Wheel Bearings - 

Bearings - exactly like Headsets, wheel bearings are a smaller version of the same thing. You need to keep them clean from dirt and water and combined with lubricant for maximum performance. Make sure when you remove or fix bearings in the wheel you do so with care to not damage the bearing shields.

Solution: Give them a clean and apply lubricant, if still an issue a replacement will be needed as taking apart wheel bearings is very fiddly, and takes a lot of time an effort in comparison to the costs for a replacement. Do not ride the scooter in wet or muddy conditions. 

Worn Away or Broken Brakes - 

This is generally a wear and tear issue for riders, the way to avoid this is overall reducing the volume of braking you’re doing when riding and also reducing the intensity and force of your braking too. Braking on a stunt scooter is generally for emergency bailing and shouldn't be your main method of reducing speed. 

Solution: Change your riding style or purchasing a replacement.

Worn away or Torn Griptape - 

Firstly, griptape with wear and tear with time, it’s the name of its job to hold grip for riders and that to gradually be lost over time. To keep it lasting longer, make sure it’s stuck down properly to the deck, kept dry and at normal room temperature. It’s important to regularly replace your griptape for rider safety.

Solution: Buy a replacement. 

Worn Down or Breaking Scooter Bar Grips - 

It’s normal for Scooter Grips to wear with use, as it’s required to happen for them to do their job. You can fix them or remove them from your scooter via hairspray or WD40. It’s important to regularly replace your scooter grips for rider safety.

Solution: Buy a replacement

Broken or Bent Scooter Bars - 

Firstly make sure the clamp you’re using is the right size and covers and slit on them suitably. In addition it’s very important clamp is fixed and tightened properly to avoid any ‘play or movement’ in the bars. If you do not, you’re asking for problems with your bars once you get riding. 

If landing particularly heavy and powerful tricks you’ll want to make sure you go for a stronger metal bar like Steel or Titanium but definitely not Aluminium.

Solution: Buy a replacement or Cut the bars down to the level they can be used again

Broken or Cracked Scooter Deck - 

Scooter decks will break with excessive or particularly heavy use….even those that are the strongest in the industry! Excessively heavy landings from tricks and grinding will wear them down or cause cracks. This does not generally get considered product defect but there are exceptions. 

Solution: Soften your riding style with landings and grinds or purchase a replacement

Cracked and Chipped Paintwork - 

Apart when it’s been purchased brand new and unused, damaged paintwork isn’t covered under warranty, due to the nature of the extreme use stunt scooters receive at the skatepark or street areas.

Solution: Repaint your scooter parts 

Are my Scooter Parts compatible with each other?

Great question! So we’ve produced this simple compatibility grip to help you :)






Scooter Part:



Standard or Oversized SCS Clamp

If Standard Bar a standard size clamp or oversized/HIC clamp if it has a shim.

If Aluminium bar, Oversized/HIC Clamp (no shim)

Oversized/HIC Clamp with no Shim

Standard Size Clamp


Standard or Oversized/HIC

SLIT: Must be cut off or not there

Standard or Aluminium Bar

SLIT: Required

Oversized or HIC Bars

SLIT: Required

Standard Size bars

SLIT: Required 

STARNUT required inside bars


Standard SCS fork size

IHC Fork

HIC Fork or Standard Size with a HIC Kit

Standard size fork





All Threadless







100mm, 110mm, 120mm dependant upon Brake size and Fork Size i.e. you can't fit a 120mm wheel that's bigger than a fork with only clearance for 110mm.


Related to Deck, 100mm, 110mm and 120mm Brakes for Wheel Size


All compatible with all bars, but lock on grips won’t work with Aluminium Bars


Compatible in general with any deck and wheel as long as the scooter peg axle is long enough logo
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