81 Customs Scooter Pegs, Bars, Brakes & Fenders

Below is our range of 81 Customs scooter parts, these include T-bars, Pegs, Brakes & fenders all designed to be compatible with the vast range of scooter brands out there. 81 Customs is a British born and bred brand in Scooters, and have fast become one of the established Scooter part brands out there. Their parts are known for being solid and reliable, whilst with the scooter pegs they've sold over 100,000 sets worldwide.

Born from 2 engineers in Dorset, England. Tig developed and engineered some of the sports most compatible popular scooter parts. The brand developed from the ground up through their engineering background and passion to see Stunt Scootering go worldwide. The great thing about the 81 Customs Pegs is their compatibility to fix a wide range of scooter decks out there. With core OG riders from the UK, the brand was built on the ground scene, and many of those riders have gone on to become household names include Brad Ackerman who's now moved onto AO.

81 Customs product strength are their reliability and engineered design that doesn't let their riders down with the quality of their products. Tested by the riders themselves, 81 Customs is a legit, truly trusted & respect freestyle scooter brand.

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