AO Scooters are a widely respected street scooter brand, that are well known for supporting their riders within the sport. You'll regularly find their riders at the street jams around the world. Their decks are best known for designs to suit grind tricks and general skating in the street rather than parks. Generally build for intermediate to pro riders their stunt scooters are built to take a beating that bigger riders often give it. AO Scooters were one of the first brands on the market to develop products specifically with street skating in mind. 

Build from the Sunshine Distribution group of brands, their scooter brands are made to appeal to mature riders in the sport. AO Scooters' most respected products are their Decks, particularly their Quadrum & Sachem Decks. AO Scooters are all about supporting their riders on the streets around the world, and regularly release rider videos showing their progression. Their range of products are generally produced for the intermediate and professional level riders.

Their complete scooters and decks are designed to be ideal for grinding, and the products are tested by their riders for exactly this point. Their top scooters including the AO Quadrum 3 Scooters range, as well as the AO Sachem Scooters. AO also focus a lot of their products on complete scooters more these days, catering for a wider range of riding styles, with the new AO Pioneer model their very first beginner scooter.

One of the best aspects of the AO scooter range, forks and decks is that they simply don't break, due to the thorough testing of riders before the products are released. Zig Short is probably AO's best known rider, and has helped represent and get the name out their to riders worldwide.

In recent years, AO have started sponsorring some of the sport's biggest names including, Dylan Morrison and Dante Hutchinson. Both are laying down nowaways some of the streets more outrageous tricks.

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AO scooters are an extremely reputable company, purposefully crafting superb intermediate to elite level street scooters. logo
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