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Ascent Dirt Scooters have been developed for riders that want an additional stunt scooter but that's built for off road. The Dirt Scooters themselves feature double fade colour combo decks and ride smooth with pneumatic tyres. The Ascent Dirt Scooters are built to last, with strengthened forks and deck to enable it's rough use over all sorts of terrain. In addition to this, the Apex style forks, the first of its kind for dirt scooters enable to rider to experience excellent stability and confident in the scooter while riding. The parts have been built from chromoly steel, adding further to the strength of the scooter setup.

Dirt Scooters are the latest trend in off road scooters and are built with rough terrain in mind. Dirt Scooters differ from regular stunt scooters in that they are stronger, more robust and have much larger wheels, perfect for tackling any surface. Dirt Scooters are designed to be strong and durable, and can be used just about anywhere, whether that be the street or your local skate park, or, for the more adventurous, perhaps a BMX track or dirt trail in the woods. Dirt Scooters are heavy duty, built for punishment and will take just about anything that you can throw at them.

Dirt scooter riding, also known as all-terrain scooter riding, is fast becoming a popular sport in its own right. Dirt scooter riding allows you to pull off all kinds of exciting tricks and exhilarating manoeuvres that just wouldn't be possible in parks or the street with regular stunt scooters. If you're a fan of action sports, you're bound to find excitement from huge range of opportunities that dirt scooter riding provides.

Ascent Scooters FAQs
Are Ascent dirt scooters good?

Ascent dirt scooters are an excellent choice for off-road riding due to their solid durability, excellent stability over rough terrain, and fantastic ...

Are Ascent dirt scooters for kids?

Ascent dirt scooters are a perfect choice for kids aged between 7 and 16 years, although they can also be compatible for adult too. logo
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