Atom Wheels - Lowboy, Pulse, Poison, Jukes, Boom, Stroker & G Rod for Derby Skates

Atom Wheels were formed back in 2007 born out of California, USA. The combination of a manufacturer and a chemist meant that Atom were empowered to make the world's most technically advanced Roller Derby wheels. Their products are purely focused on performance, and have researched and developed some of the most technically advanced wheels worldwide.

Atom now have a number of flagship styles including the Lowboy, Poison, Juke and Boom wheels, designed to meet all floor requirements and needs of Derby riders around the world. They've produced one of the first 59mm hybrid wheels, where there's a unification of both plastic and aluminium wheels, a perfect mix of strength and weight.

Atom Wheels are particularly popular in Roller Derby, resulting in them being named as the official wheel of Team USA.

The Lowboy wheel has been in production for almost 10 years and is still one of the most popular wheels on the market. This wheel is particularly favoured in speed skating as it offers more grip than most of its rivals, whilst the newly re-designed lip provides increased speed and stability. 

Atom Derby Wheels have an awesome range of wheels designed for a wide range of skaters. In particular they have two models of notable popularity. The Poison wheel, which is a great wheel for any new rookie derby skater, while the Boom wheel is well known for the speed it offers to the skater.

Atom have release ML technology, which is effectively a mechanical lock mechanism which allows for a superior bonding between the 2 piece hollow core hub design, to improve strength between the core and the urethane of the wheels.

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