Black Pearl Scooter Wheels

Black Pearl Wheels are THE highest quality scooter wheels you'll find anywhere in the world! Why? Well firstly numerous world and ex. world champions have used these wheels. The wheels themselves are manufactured like no other wheel out there and the cores have been uniquely designed to cut every tiny bit of weight off them, whilst at the same time delivering strength and performance.

Black Pearl Wheels have been designed by Mr Scooter Lightweight himself - Kevin Demay, probably the best product scooter designer in the world, and owner of the Ethic brand. If you want to truly take your performance to the highest level then Black Pearl Wheels are the way to go.

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Black Pearl Wheels
Are Black Pearl scooter wheels good?

Black Pearl scooter wheels are the highest quality scooter wheels available and have been used by numerous world champion riders. They are designed by...

How light are Black Pearl wheels?

Black Pearl wheels weigh in at an astonishingly light 170 grams. logo
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