Mini BMX Bikes

Mini BMX Bikes have exploded onto the UK scene! We stock all major mini BMX brands including Venom Mini BMXWildcat Mini BMX and Rocker Mini BMX, all of which are perfect for kids, teens and adults and can be used in the street or down a skatepark. Tricks, jumps and stunts aren't a problem with mini bmx's - plus with their low centre of gravity it's easy to learn too!

Mini BMX Bikes are similar to regular BMX bikes in many ways, except that everything is made much smaller. Whereas regular BMX bikes are suited to multiple purposes, mini BMX bikes are primarily designed for tricks. Mini BMX bikes are just as durable and robust as a regular BMX, and the large frame and big tyres make the Mini BMX able to hold the same load as the larger bike.

Most Mini BMX's are designed as a mini version of your traditional 20" inch BMX Bike, but are built to take a serious amount of abuse. This results in extra wide tyres for stability when riding, full adult size bars and seats, top load stems and single gearing for control.

Designed for tricks, the mini BMX bike is a great way to impress at the skate park or having fun on nearby ledges and curbs for street bmxing.

The main differences between the lower priced Mini BMX bikes and the high end models is usually the gearing setup, the component part quality and the durability of the bike itself for longer term use, outside this, the designs are usually of a higher standard and are less plain looking. You'll also notice tweaks done to rims, cranks and forks. Mini BMX bikes can be ridden by kids and adults and are built for tricks down at the skateparks.

Finally you'll also notice top end models have very unique product finishes that allow the product to stand out.

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