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Since 2007, Skates.co.uk have been providing the best range of aggressive skatesᅠon the market. With many top brands to choose from, including Remz, Valo's, Deshi's, Razor and Roces, you need look no further. Weᅠhave everything to suit your skating needs, with skatepark ready skatesᅠdesigned with tricks and stunts in mind. We even stock a great range of parts and accessories to make your boots stand out.ᅠ

What is a Aggressive Skating?

Aggressive Skating is one of the most versitile extreme sports currently on the market.ᅠFrom jumps and grinds to flips and spins aggressive skating has almost unlimited possibities.

Unlike recreational skates which aren't designed for extreme use, aggressive skates are specifically designed to withstand huge amounts of abuse.ᅠThe wheels on aggressive skates are smaller than the wheels on recreational inline skates which allows for increased control and balance.

How Do I know Which Aggressive Skates To Buy?

There are a wide range of aggressive skates available, here are some importantᅠthings to keep in mind when choosing yours:

  • Money - You don't want to spend more than is necessary, however the qualityᅠof a product can be discerned by the cost. The higher the cost, the better qualityᅠyou are likely to get.

  • Skill Level - Practically all models are suitable for beginners, but forᅠanyone more experienced in extreme sports or park riding, you would get theᅠmost out of purchasing a higher end pair of skates.

  • Ageᅠ- If the skates are for a child it may be worth taking a look at the adjustable skates that we have to offer. Adjustable skates can allow for a few years growth which in the long run will could save you money. As a child's foot grows the skates size can be adjusted to fit.

The benefits of purchasing aggressive skates...

  • Designed for a skating style that includes stunts, jumping, riding rails, and half pipes.
  • Aggressive skates are designed to be very solid and sturdy .

  • Smaller, hard wheels provide maneuverability and durability .

  • Skates include special modifications to allow skaters to ride rails and ramps.

Fitting and Sizing, What should I get?

Aggressive Skate sizing varies slightly from brand to brand. Unless specifically mentioned on the product description, we'd generally recommend getting a size above your usual shoe size. We'd also strongly recommend purchasing a pair of insoles.

Inline Skate Parts

When purchasing a pair of aggressive skates or some accessories for your existing skates, it's worth making sure you purchase the correct parts for your skates.

  • Wheel size -ᅠVery small wheels (55-67 mm) are best for aggressive skates
  • Wheels ( Hardness )ᅠ-ᅠWheel hardness is measured in durometers. Lower numbers indicate a softer wheel and higher numbers indicate a harder wheel.ᅠDurometer is denoted by the suffix "A" (example - 80A).ᅠThe typical recreational in-line skate wheel is 78A or 82A.ᅠSofter wheels are good for winter and provide a softer ride whilst harder wheels are better in the summer when the pavement is hot and the wheels tend to soften.
  • Frames -ᅠMost Aggressive frames are made of aluminium alloy or nylon and fibreglass composites.ᅠMetal frames are stiffer, faster, and lighter, but typically cost more.ᅠAll skates with UFS frames and/or plates can be changed to any other UFS compatible plate or frame.
  • Linersᅠ-ᅠMany boots contain a cushioning liner usually made of a foam material.ᅠSometimes reinforced along the toe and sides for protection (in hockey skates) for increased stability.
  • Hard Shellᅠ-ᅠConstructed of molded plastic and similar to a ski boot.ᅠThe lower half covers and protects the foot whilst the upper half wraps around and supports the ankle.The two halves are connected with a hinge system that allows the ankle and boot to flex forward naturally.
  • Bearingsᅠ- In the centre of each wheel are two bearings.Each bearing has an ABEC rating that indicates the precision of their manufacturing.ᅠThe higher the rating, the more precise the manufacture and the better the performance and speed.ᅠBearings don't need to be cleaned after every use, but if they become wet, they should be cleaned and dried
  • Brakes - Most aggressive skates do not come with brakes, the main reason being the nature of the skates use and freedom of movement.

Warranty Information

These scooters are not designed in any way for extreme use unless specified on the product pages. Any jumps, tricks, stunts or use down a skate park will immediately invalidate the warranty.

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