Dirt Scooter Buying Guide

If you're after a new scooter but not so keen on skateparks and stunts, there are other options aside from just giving up and buying a bike. Dirt scooters are relatively new to the scene and have offered a host of new riding experiences - First and foremost, the ability to ride on many different types of terrain.

Why Is A Dirt Scooter Different?

Dirt scooters differ from their stunt counterparts for many different reasons. Firstly, they're built to be far more hardwearing, with stronger parts to keep the scooter rolling on all kinds of surfaces, including mud and gravel. The wheels are also bigger, with a tyre as opposed to just a urethane rim, to absorb the shock of uneven surfaces.

Why Should I Buy One?

Dirt scooters are perfect if you want to ride a scooter away from pavements and skateparks. They can withstand the pressure of all-terrain environments with a quick,smooth roll and generally take a beating that your stunt scooter might not survive! The extra sturdiness is also useful if you're a larger rider who is perhaps concerned about the weight limit of a regular scooter.

Why Shouldn't I Buy One?

Dirt scooters are usually bigger and heavier than a stunt scooter. This is for good reason, but if you want a scooter for tricks and stunts, it'll probably be too cumbersome.

I'm Sold! Now, Which Dirt Scooter's Best?

It's important that you take note of the height and weight of the scooter you're considering. If it's too heavy or large for the rider, they'll struggle to get the most out of the item. Keep an eye out for scooters specifically made for children (like to MGP Mini XT) if you're buying for a small person.

More expensive scooters tend to be made with higher-end parts and a more complex forging process. It's elements like this which make the scooter lighter and stronger - Check the specification! Ideally, you want the lightest and strongest scooter available within your budget.

It's also worth noting which models have spare parts available (we have various spares available on the website). This allows for easy resolution of technical issues, like burst tyres.

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