Grit Scooters - Buying Advice

Grit Scooters have solidified themselves as one of the leading brands in the scootering world, designing and making scooters suitable for all abilities and styles of riding. Using some of the best developed and quality parts, Grit does not hold back when it comes to strength and reliability, making them some of the best scooters on the market.

Which one is right for me?

If you're just starting out, or you're an intermediate rider looking to purchase a quality scooter at an affordable price, then the Grit Extremist and Grit Fluxxᅠmodels areᅠthe best place to start... and the best value for money.

  • Designed for entry-level freestyle use.
  • Double alloy collar clamp and two piece wide handlebar.
  • Grit Fluxx 2 come with a Flex Fender for a silent, smooth ride, and Grit Elite 2 bars as standard.
  • Grit Fluxx comes with a Spring Brake, exclusive Fluxx griptape, and exclusive Grit Fluxx handlebars.

The Grit Elite 2 and 3ᅠare popular mid range stunt scooters, as well as the Grit Mayhem 2, with all the style and functionality you'll need.

  • 1 piece handlebar with a triple collar clamp.
  • ABEC 9 bearings.
  • Elite 3 comes with oversized handlebars and a pre-installed HIC compression system - a first for Grit scooters.ᅠ
  • Elite 2 and the Mayhem 2ᅠcome with standard sized bars, pre-installed with ICS compression systems.ᅠ
  • Exclusive Metal Core wheels fitted with ABEC 9 bearings.
  • Neco Heat-Treated Headset.

For the more experienced and advanced rider looking for a top quality scooter to do top quality tricks, we would recommend the Mayhem 3, the Invader, and the Invader 2. Grit have pulled out all the stops to provide these brilliant extreme scooters, suitable for any advanced, pro riders.

  • Mayhem 3 and Invader 2 come with oversized handlebars, and pre-installed HIC compression systems - a first for Grit scooters.
  • Invader comes with standard sized bars, pre-installed with ICS compression.
  • All come with Grit Invader handlebars as standard.ᅠ
  • Cut-out on front of deck headtube, sporting Grit badge on the forks internally.ᅠ
  • Wider deck with reinforced square down tube.
  • Triple alloy collar clamp.
  • Exclusive Grit Metal Core wheels fitted with ABEC 9 bearings.ᅠ

Ability and Age

Every Grit scooter is designed for extreme use and suitable for ages 8 years and above.

Warranty Information

These scooters are designed for extreme use, but you will need to notify us if there are any major defects when you first receive your product. There is typically a 90 day warranty on parts, however this does not cover normal wear and tear, or parts damaged by use. Once a scooter has been used for jumps, tricks, stunts or use down at the skate park our suppliers will not usually replace the entire scooter. We will look at this on a case by case basis to determine the nature of defect or damage and make every effort to provide the best overall customer experience.

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