Heelys - Buying Guide

What are Heelys?

Have you found our website, seen or heard about Heelys but don't know what they're really about? Here is the all the information you'll need to start having fun with these amazing shoes!

Heelys are shoes that have a removable wheel placed in the back of the shoe sole. They allow the rider to roll across flat ground by lifting up their toes and placing 1 foot directly in front of the other. You can both roll, walk and run on Heelys. They're the most fun you can have with normal shoes!

The great benefit of Heelys is their ability to both ride and roll along ground but also take the wheel out and transform them completely into normal shoes. With this flexibility they're truly are the perfect pair of shoes as they suit every situation you may find yourself in.

Want people to turn their heads as you glide past? If yes then these are the perfect shoes for you!

What Size Should I Order?

The first thing you will need to remember is that all Heelys are created one size smaller than normal shoes. This means that you should always chose the size one above your current shoe size. For example if you're a size 3, go for a size 4.

However for the smaller childrens' sized shoes there is a greater difference in sizing. This means that we would suggest going for the Heelys two sizes above. For example if you're a child's size 8 then go for a child's size 10.

One more thing to remember, if you're a half size, unfortunately Heelys don't produce shoes if half sizes. In this instance we recommend you chose a shoe one and half above your normal shoe size. For example if your normal shoe size is a 2 and a half, chose a size 4. On top of this we would advise you to get insoles as well, this way the shoes won't be too tight and you will have plenty of growing room, therefore longer lasting shoesᅠ

What's the difference between the different Heely models?

For function use with Heelys you would want to look out for the following few things...

  • One or Two wheel Heelys -ᅠOne wheel Heelys are good for a person with a reasonable sense of balance, they're also easier for turning as well as everyone's favourite feature... going faster! Two wheel Heelys on the other hand are better for balance as they're easier to lean on.
  • Grind Plates -ᅠSome Heelys have these included and some don't. These will allow the user to slide along curbs and rails which adds a whole new concept to the basic Heely; however we do seem to find these only suit the more extreme riders.
  • Wheel Type -ᅠThe majority of wheels are simply called 'FATS' which are the standard Heely wheel. The evolution model has the モdeuceヤ wheel; the deuce wheel is a twin pronged shoe that has added stability to the regular Heely, they're also slightly bigger. The Rebel wheel with double wheels has smaller than normal wheels which allows both to be house.ᅠ
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