Ice Skates Buying Guide

Why Ice Skating?

There's loads of reasons why ice skating is one of the leading extreme-sports. Aside from the personal enjoyment gained through skating, it's an excellent way to keep fit. Ice Skating is the perfect hobby for those who already use inline skates as the movements are very similar.

When buying any type of ice skate, it is impeccable that you go to a specialist retailer, well, that's where Skates.co.uk come in! All of our selection of skates are made to the highest quality and standard, meaning a more enjoyable time for you on the ice!

Which type is right for me?

As there are a wide range of ice skates available, it's vital to know exactly what type of skates you need before purchasing. There are two main types of ice skates:

  • Figure skates ᅠhave a longer blade with a toe pick at the front and a short tail at the back.
  • Hockey skates ᅠdispense with the toe pick and the tail, and have a curved front and rear

Entry Level skates

These tend to have synthetic outers, with synthetic linings, a PVC sole and a basic blade which will be riveted to the boot. These skates are fine for occasional recreational skating, and the early levels of instructional skating, but they are unlikely to stand up well to jumps and spins.

Intermediate and Advanced

Intermediate and Advanced models are provided by all the top manufacturers, ie. Risport, Riedell, Belati, with less well known manufacturers such as Klingbeil, Graf, Jackson, Roces also making great skate boots at this level.ᅠAll of these companies have invested a lot of time, money and effort to produce a skate boot which will perform well at the expected level. It is really a matter of personal preference which one you choose.

Recreational skates

Recreational skates tend to have a simplified lacing pattern which makes them quicker and easier to fit and remove. They are designed primarily for fun skating and although they may take you a fair way towards becoming a proficient figure skater, you will probably find they hold you back when you come to learn the more complex moves. They are unlikely to be strong enough to stand up to jumps and spins.

The Accessories!

Ice-skate guards are used in ice hockey and figure skating to protect the players' skatesᅠfrom damage by surfaces other than ice. They are placed over top the skate blade to cover it. They protect the blades from cement, rocks, metal or wood which can damage the skate blade, resulting in uneven skating, due to rusty and dull blades. The skate guard are not to be used whilst on the ice and can easily be taken off. They also help by draining and absorbing the moisture from the ice on the blade to prevent them from rusting over time. They are the best way to maintain good bladecondition for a long time in order to keep skate strides smooth and fast. Another great accessory is a skate bag! Perfect for carrying your skates around. We sell a selection of high standard, light weight, durable bags, all of which will easily fit your skates in.ᅠ

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