Razor Scooters - Buying Advice

Razor was founded in 2000 with the introduction of its now legendary kick scooter, which quickly became an essential ride for anyone on the go. Today, Razor offers a full line of products that provide the very best riding experience. The company combines cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials and strict safety standards to deliver a product that is designed to suit riders' evolving lifestyle. Cool products and great value have distinguished Razor as a trusted brand and industry leader.

Which One Is Right for Me?

  • Young childrenᅠwill have hours of fun with the Razor Spark, which creates real sparks as you ride. It's suitable for ages 5 .
  • Teens and Adults looking for a great recreational scooter may opt for the A5 Lux. It's lightweight, easy to fold and has large 200mm urethane wheels that provide a smooth ride!

Heading To The Skatepark?

Razor is an old skate park favourite and not to be forgotten in the heavily filtrated extreme scooter market. The Ultra Pro Lo remains popular despite continued competition, alongside the upgraded Ultra Pro Lo Blacklabel.

Looking for Something A Bit Different?

  • Razor Siege Casterboard Scooter self propelling push scooter that features a rear caster wheel, RipStik anti-slip deck and 120mm front wheel.
  • Razor Powerwing Scooter it's dual inclined casters allow turning, drifting and acceleration without ever having to push.
  • Rip Rider 360 Trike Scooter this scooter pays homage to the classic tri-wheel of the 70's, while it's unique design is unlike any other on the market.

Age and Ability

The entire range of Razor scooters is suitable for ages 8 years and above.

  • Spark, Spark DLX - Max rider weight of 50kg
  • Siege, PowerWing -Max rider weight of 65kg
  • RipRider 360 - Max rider weight of 72kg
  • A5 Lux, Ultra Pro Lo, Ultra Pro Lo Blacklabel - Max rider weight of 100kg

Read Before Riding

  • Before each use we recommend you check all axle bolts for tightness.
  • Do not use in poor weather and visibility conditions.
  • Ensure all parts are fully locked into position before use.
  • Avoid using near main roads or areas where the surface is uneven.
  • We recommend the use of protective gear when riding, such as helmets, wrist guards and knee and elbow pads.

Maintaining Your Scooter

These scooters have been designed and built to require very little adjustment or special care. To ensure long life and safe use, please refer to the following information.

  • Wheels- Always ensure the wheels are inspected before use for excessive wear. Wheels which are over-worn are dangerous and should be replaced immediately. We recommend that when replacing wheels that both wheels are replaced as this will increase the life of your new wheels.
  • Bearings- Always keep your bearings clean and free from dirt. This will increase their life. Do not allow your bearings to dry out naturally if they become wet, they should be wiped dry and re-greased immediately. This will increase the life of your bearings and ensure a smooth ride.
  • Axle Bolts- Always check axle bolts are secure before each use. They should always be free from dirt and obstructions between the axle and the wheels and bearings.
  • Other Parts- If any other part on your scooter becomes worn or damaged it should be replaced immediately.

Warranty Information

The Ultra Pro Lo and Blacklabel are the only scooters covered for extreme use. If using any other Razor push scooters for jumps, tricks, stunts or at a skate park, you will immediately invalidate the warranty. For warranty/repairs issues see the warranties section on our website.

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