Roller Derby Cushions - Buying Advice

Cushions for your skates are often overlooked, but they can make a massive difference toᅠ

performance. At less than a tenner a pop, they're a worthwhile upgrade, right from the start.

Generally, the cushions on a standard set of skates will be very hard, making the trucks prettyᅠ

solid. When your trucks are solid, you can't move them. If you can't move your trucks, theᅠ

wheels don't have the flex to turn. So, going round corners take ᅠlot of effort, as will anythingᅠ

that requires you to have a good reaction from your plate.

To remedy this, softer cushions will give you the movement you need. There's a range ofᅠ

hardnesses available, but the initial recommendation tends to be the same. We recommendᅠ

Suregrip cushions, in 79A Straight and 85A Conical (one of each per truck), with conical closestᅠto the wheels.

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