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Roller Derby Toe Stops - Buying Advice

Roller derby toe stops, just like EVERYTHING to do with derby, is down to personal preference.ᅠ

Luckily, it's not as broad or expensive as wheels, so you can't go horrendously wrong, as longᅠ

as you have some basic knowledge.

Adjustable or ᅠscrew?

This one's easy, because only one is going to fit on your skate's plate anyway. If your toe stopᅠ

has a screw that runs through the middle, you will only be able to use other screwᆳin toe stops.ᅠ

The majority of skates made for derby will have an adjustable toe stop, which attaches to theᅠ

plate with a nut, rather than needing a screwdriver. Adjustable toe stops include Gumball, Crazyᅠ

Big Bloc or Lil Bloc, Bionic and Riedell Moonwalker.ᅠ

Flat or round?

Toe stops are either flat, or more of a rounded shape. The original Gumball and Moonwalkerᅠ

stops are both slightly rounded. Bearing in mind that toe stops are rarely used to actually STOPᅠ

during derby play (more for running into a speed start, juking and general agility), the aim is toᅠ

feel balanced on the stop, not just drag it along the ground. A rounded toe stop can give moreᅠ

room to maneuver, as you can lean into the stop as little or as much as you need to. A flat toeᅠ

stop, therefore, gives you a very even surface where you can feel stable.ᅠ

Long or short?

Whether you want a long or short stem toeᆳstop will depend on where you like your toe stops toᅠ

sit. Some people like them long, some people like them short, there's no benchmark. If you'reᅠ

not quite sure, it's advisable to opt for a long stem, so you can at least play around with lengthsᅠ

a little more.