Scissor Scooter - Buying Guide

Skates.co.ukᅠsells a host of scissor scooters for all ages and abilities.

With the unique way a scissor scooter is ridden (pushing legs in and out, or moving the body side to side), this is a great way to keep kids and teenagers active while still having fun.

モWe all know that in this day and age it is a great concern for many parents that there children just don't get enough exercise. I am sure you do not need anyone to tell you there are a million and one reasons for this, the main one being our new found life style of games consoles, TV, satellite and other gadgets that mean our children are often like coach potato's for most of the evening or that getting exercise in most cases is not much fun for kids. Well we feel we may just have a major breakthrough in the toy industry with the creation of the Vtriker.ヤ - Vtriker.com

Riding a 3 wheeled scooter

There are three different ways to ride with these fun and versatile scooters: Scissor, slalom, and skate. They are designed so that the user can keep both feet stationary on the 2 platforms. The user propels themselves forward by moving the footplates in and out in a scissor like motion, without ever having to touch the ground. Alternatively you can slalom, mainly using your hips or move in a side to side motion similar to inline skating.

Which one is right for me?

Each of the brandᅠprovides aᅠsimilar experience, apart from the Vtriker being able to fold away for easier storage. When choosing your scooter, make sure the rider fits in the recommended age and weight range, as detailed in the product description.ᅠ

Ability and Age

Suitable for any ability level. Smaller children are best suited to the Style ST1000 and Slider U5. Older children may opt for the Style ST1200 and Slider U6. There are even two sizes of Vtriker: The Mini Vtriker for 3-6 year olds, and the standard Vtriker for ages 7-14.ᅠ

Warranty Information

These scooters are not designed in any way for extreme use. Any jumps, tricks, stunts or use down a skatepark will immediately invalidate the warranty. For warranty/repairs issues see the warranties section on our website.

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