Scooters For Young Kids Buying Guide

There are plenty of scooter options for young kids who are just getting into the sport. Sometimes it feels like there's too many to choose from, especially when you're not sure of exactly what you need. We'll attempt to break it down and make the process a bit easier!

How old is the child?

Most kids that are over 8 years old can ride a standard standard stunt scooter. However, if a child is under 8, they may need a product that's designed specifically for their age group. Otherwise, you risk purchasing a scooter that's too tall or heavy, making it generally difficult to ride.

Children under 8 are most likely to benefit from an adjustable scooter. These scooters have handlebars that can be raised or lowered in height, so they're comfortable to ride immediately, and can grow with them, too. As you can imagine, adjustable scooters provide excellent value for money. The majority of folding scooters are also adjustable, too, making them extremely portable and easy to chuck in the boot of a car, or a cupboard for storage. Many also have carry straps, so you can sling them over your shoulder with ease.

Children under 5 may benefit from a 3-wheel scooter while they learn to balance. Again, these often adjustable for convenience.

Which brands should I look for?

There are many different brands to look out for, but JD Bug is one of the most established for kids' scooters. Slamm and Madd Gear also release a few lines for younger kids who would like to try stunt scootering. Just pay careful attention to the product description to ensure you're buying the right model for the age group required.

How much should I spend?

As always, the more you spend, the better quality youメre likely to get. However, there's no need to spend the earth if you have a child who just wants a scooter to ride to school. £50 is a reasonable budget, but there are some decent models available for as little as £30. If youメd like to buy a scooter thatメs strong enough for the skate park, you should look at spending around £80.

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