CCM Ice Hockey Skates

CCM is a Canadian sports brand, that have existed as long as 100 years, with their Hockey Skates being as established and well known in the industry as the market itself! Now owned by Reebok, the CCM products are for all ability levels of skaters and are known for their quality.

CCM, formerly an initialism for Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd., is a ice hockey skate goods brand, the CCM company has been in Hockey since it's very foundation as a sport. CC have dominated the Hockey skate market for many years with over 90% of all players choosing to use and wear CCM skates. CCM has been skated by pretty much every big name out there worldwide because it produces some of the very very equipment and hockey skates available.

CCM is now run and owned by Reebok, but continues under the CCM name as it continues to be successful.

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