Deadbolt Pads - Derby Skate Protection and Knee Pads

Deadbolt Derby Pads have become known for producing some of the highest quality and most beautiful designs of protections in derby skating. Their protection is pretty innovative in features too, with unique strapping systems, and new combinations of padding and foam to patented caps. Deadbolt have released the first padsets build exclusively for Derby Skating Refs.

Deadbolt are very much focused about bringing pads and protection for the Derby Skaters that want beautiful design with high quality materials. Deadbolt feature patented cap design to enable the most durable materials for Derby skaters. They've listened to common complaints about knee pads, and have addressed those issues with their products. For example removable covers for washing, customisable caps, and shorter elastic straps to anticipate stretching with us, plus soft memory foam for interior padding almost like a knee gasket.

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Deadbolt Derby
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