Dinosoles Shoes, Sandals, Bags, Caps

Dinosoles Shoes are some of the coolest kids shoes out, in fact if we at Skates.co.uk had smaller feet we'd be wearing them ourselves! Not only do they look seriously cool, they're value for money and have flashing lights when walking. With Jurassic Park not that long ago being released again in Cinemas we expect kids everywhere to love these! The Dinosole Bags will kit any young child out with a great looking bag to take out, go to school with or just wear because they just look so awesome! If you love Dinosaurs then these bags were made for you.

Dinosoles make getting those kids to put on their shoes never easier, as they can't wait to play on them, with the lights and the Dinosaur footprints to go with the shoes, they're so much fun! The Shoes themselves are designed with comfort and exciting Dinosaur graphics around the sides. Each model is made to represent a different dinosaur. The shoes themselves start from super small......as small as Junior 6. These shoes are likely to be the next kids craze, as they put footwear into a whole new way of thinking and fun for children.

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