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Edea Skates are an Italian company with skating in their family DNA. Starting with the grandfather, who made skates for his local area, this continued to the next generation, who set up their own skate company. Naturally this continued to the third generation, who put the family passion together with the experts at Edea to create the perfect skate. After two years of extensive researching and developing, the first Edea skates hit the ice on 02/02/2002.

Edea focus on what the skater needs when creating their ice skates, not how the skate is made. This allows their designers to focus on making the perfect skate and not just improving on older styles. The design and develop of the boots are routed in intensive research and development with the skaters themselves. Their big focus is on weight reduction whilst maintaining strength of their figure skate boots, knowing full well how it can help with the performance of figure skaters.

Edea Overture Skates are the result of a combination of a lightweight design with Edea's own technology. The Overture is Edea's best selling skate and for good reason. It provides fantastic support and flexibility to skaters and is ideal for those hoping to progress and master basic skills, jumps and axels.

Edea ice skates have been developed to be lighter than any other figure skating boot due to their new technologies and materials used. Edea Skates are generally considered between 20-30% lighter than other comparable boots in the market, enabling the skater to have that bit extra in performance, through air time to compete and increase your spins. Another benefit of lighter boots is the ability to accelerate faster.

Edea have a range of skates, from the Motivo as a starter skate all the way up the Concerto, which are extremely light weight and have shock absorbion to reduce injury risk when skating.

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Edea Skates FAQ
Are Edea skates good?

Edea are extremely high quality ice skates, desgined specifically for figure skating and worn by some of the best in the world, including World Figure...

What are Edea skates made of?

Edea skates are made from water repellent leather, making them super easy to maintain.

Why are Edea skates so popular?

Edea skates are so popular because they offer figure skaters a super high-quality boot that is durable, supportive and lightweight. Due to their low weight...

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