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Elite Scooters are a rider dominated brand taking the whole scooter scene by storm. Supported by ex. pro Madd rider Ryan Taylor, their new Elite Decks have received wide claim attention for some of their unique features. It's clear that Elite have listened to the needs of riders and responded in kind. We're excited to see what they come out with next as their parts are pretty unique in their looks and features and we can't wait to see what new designs and parts are developed by their riders.

Elite's Scooters top products include their Elite Air Ride Wheels, Elite Supreme Decks, Elite Anchor Bars, and Concave Grinding Scooter Pegs.

Elite Scooters is a UK based, rider owned company. They design & manufacture aftermarket scooter parts intended for the pro's. These are tested by some of the worlds top riders, and by their owner Will Prentice himself. Elite Scooters products are tested by machines and riders to remove and stressor points to stop their products letting riders down. Their products come with a lifetime warranty, such is the confidence in what's released.

Elite product their CNC'ed products with high grade metals, for both strength and weight benefits. Due to the success of Elite, it's meant they've been able to invest their time and efforts in supporting the sport through rider sponsorship.

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Elite decks are an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced scooter riders. Elite decks are made with aircraft grade aluminium so you can be assured...

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