Flavor Scooters - Essence and Awakening Ranges of Decks, Bars, Wheels, Clamps, Forks, Headsets

Launced 2007, Flavor began in the local Australian scooter scene, Dean their owner has many close relationships with the riders out there and have 100% focused their product development on the needs of the riders. Their products are targetted at enabling riders to get the most of stunt scootering. New technologies to their wheels & bearings as well as their deck, forks, bars, SCS. Flavor supports riders all over the world, and Flavor are a brand that can be relied upon for its quality and reliability.

Their aim is to produce products riders can rely on and progress their passion for the sport. Flavor's top lines have produced the Essence and Awakening ranges which feature high end, well designed, CNC forks, 7 series decks, grips, bars, compression and completes. They're keen to support the sport and it's rider with signature parts for their riders including, Boris Germain and Danny Roberts that have been designed for the needs for those individual riders.

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