Flexsurfing Waveboards - Topography, Palm Leaf, Checkers, Melon Waveboards

Flexsurfing is a Danish company that has been making top quality waveboards since the company was first set up in 2012. Flexsurfing are proud to say that they have created the longest lasting waveboard on the market, which they call the Flexboard. Flexsurfing are incredibly passionate about waveboarding and are trying to increase the popularity of the sport and increase its exposure.

Where the Flexsurfing waveboard differs from all other waveboards is in the unique and patented torsion bar design that Flexsurfing use. The flexible torsion bar, which sits between the wheels, is what gives the waveboard its support and helps create the movement needed for the momentum of the ride. The torsion bar that Flexsurfing use is longer than on other waveboards. Flexsurfing have also mounted the wheel sockets directly onto the torsion bar, which makes the boards faster than its rivals whilst also providing better steering than other boards. Flexsurfing claim that it is this unique configuration that makes their boards "almost unbreakable".

Flexsurfing boards are free of fragile bits of plastic near the wheels, that regular waveboards have, and so they last much longer in comparison. Flexsurfing waveboards are completely unique in their design and the wheel sockets are constructed to allow full 360 degree rotation. Flexsurfing waveboards also have more grip on their plates than other waveboards, which gives the rider more control and ensures a more confident ride.

Flexsurfing waveboards are very fun to use and easy to learn so anyone can become a waveboarder in no time at all.

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