Flip Skateboards, Decks and Wheels

Flip skateboards have been around for donkeys years. These skateboards have great pop, great looks and wide range of choices for skaters. Their decks for Skateboards are the mainstay of flip's range of Skateboard products now, with many of their traditional logo designs the most popular.

Coming out of California, US, Flip was created by pro skater Geoff Rowley back in 1991. Flip is now one of the most respected and recognised skateboard brands worldwide. Flip produce 2 kinds of skateboard decks - regular and P2. The regular decks are made out of 7 ply maple, using industry standard decks. Whilst the P2 decks are innovative and are contructed with an oval-shaped fiber reinforced panel, meaning they can take more of a beating than a standard deck. As well as this they're both lighter and thinner than the 7 ply decks.

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