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Heartless Wheels pride themselves on being the only wheel brand on the market that is 100% designed and dedicated to Roller Derby skaters. Their products suit those derby skaters who are searching for the most manoeuvrability and most agility that they can get from a wheel. The wheels themselves feature a hollow core hub with a 35mm narrow profile tire, this enables the skater to turn, carve and jump with ease, to maximise your maneuverability when skating. You can get the wheels in different hardnesses, this will enable maximum performance depending upon the surface you're skating on.

Heartless focus themselves on being the only wheels out that are dedicated to the agility minded derby skater. The wheels featuring a hollow core hub, allow skaters to turn, jump and cut with ease, combined with their narrow profile it makes this even easier.

Heartless run four top models of roller derby wheels - the Chaser, Stalker, Breaker and Creaper, all intended for the different needs of derby riders.

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Are Heartless wheels good?

Heartless wheels are without doubt the best on the market, being the only brand that is 100% dedicated to producing wheels specifcally for roller derby...

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