Hyper Wheels for Inline Skates and Rollerblades

Hyper Wheels are respected as one of the biggest well known poly urethane wheel producers in the world. Their wheels are always high quality, build to last and don't let their riders down with flat spotting. Within the rollerblade and inline skates market the Hyper brand is one of the most popular aftermarket wheel for skates.

Founded by a team of fierce inline skaters wanting the best skating wheels, 29 years since it's foundation, skates with Hyper wheels have won for more awards in various skating events for racing, recreational, hockey and other sports. Hyper runs and owns it factories, meaning it can control the quality and effectiveness of it's products the more specifically the urethane used in the wheels to achieve maximum performance.

Hyper aim to produce the best wheels in the world, for skaters wanting that edge of performance from their skates, Hyper are a great option. With their team of chemists, the wheel builders and their sponsored skaters providing both input and feedback on how to improve the performance of their wheels, Hyper are able to produce an outstanding end product.

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