Kryptonics Wheels for Roller Quad Skates, Skateboards and Longboards

Kryptonics have a bit of a legendary reputation within the skating industry. Founded in 1965 and originally manufactured polyurethane products for the mining & computer industries. In the mid 70s they started producing skateboard wheels, and later wheels for Roller skates and Rollerblades, and soon became the dominant wheel for all types of skateboarding with their innovative compounds to deliver great grip and responsiveness when skating.

Kryptonics have been around that long, it's clear they're doing something right......they focus their whole attention on producing high end performance skates. longboard and skateboard wheels. Their aim is to develop the best in the sport. Their range of models are designed for every type of riding style, with 3 main series of wheels - Star Trac, Cruise and Route. Kryptonics Cruisers are soft longboard wheels or wheels suited for Roller Skating. Made with super high rebound, they offer a super smooth ride.

Top professional skateboarders have riden for Kryptonics including Steve Alba, David Hackett and Tommy Ryan.

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