Lake Placid Ice Hockey Adjustable Skate

Lake Placid is actually a village out of New York and it was from there, that this skate brand developed. Lake Placid has been committed to the world of figure skating. A number of well known coaches have choosing Lake Placid for their training programs. Every skater has different goals and aims, they're dedicated to providing the platform for each skater, regardless of their skating ability, and contributing to the success of each individual.

The Lake Placid Figure Ice Skates range have been developed for beginners all the way up to top level, with a number of skaters having ridden them and won national championships in recent years. Most of their skates come with a vinyl outer, and reinforced ankle supports with foam padding for added comfort when skating. Our range from Lake Placid are made to deliver excellent value for money to the skater looking to get into the sport.

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