Legacy Scooters

Legacy Scooters is a company based in the UK that produces high-quality scooter parts at an affordable price. Legacy Scooters has brought a new range of unique, bright designs to the market, including some Hydro Dipped scooters that'll be sure to make you stand out at the skatepark. Their range also includes a foldable scooter, for those not looking to hit the skateparks yet. 

The range begins with the Legacy Neochrome scooters, including a full-size stunt scooter and a mini version for younger riders. If you're looking for a sleek Neochrome finish at an affordable price, Legacy Scooters has you covered. 

Legacy Scooters also have two Hydro Dip designs, the Alien and the Hectic models. These out-of-this-world colourways were carefully designed to be unique and flashy, whilst still being an affordable, high-quality stunt scooter for riders. 

Legacy Scooters has also filled the need for a folding stunt scooter with a Neochrome finish and light-up wheels. One of the first of its kind, this lightweight scooter is ideal for younger riders who aren't ready for the skatepark but still want something mature and flashy. 

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