Lush Longboards, Decks, Gloves & Wheels

Here at, we offer a wide range of different Lush Longboards including completes, decks, slide gloves and parts too. Lush Longboards was formed by Chris Tanner in 1999 who quickly grew it into one of the largest and most respected brands in the industry! Real Boards are suitable for all longboarders including kids, teens and adults. Most of the decks are suitable for boys and girls, men and women and are available in a variety of colours such as red, white, blue, yellow, black, raw (Canadian maple wood), green and orange. These high quality decks are great for most ability levels including beginner, intermediate and professional.

From humble beginnings of the basement, Lush Longboards have become a big name in the Longboard sport. Skateboarder run, they focus on manufacturing high quality boards for the range of disciplines in the sport. Based out of the UK, the company is owned by skaters with years of riding experience, enabling them to apply their knowledge into the products.

Constructed with 9 ply Canadian maple and epoxy glue, Lush longboard decks built to be stiff enough to handle speed but with also enough flexibility to perform tricks. Each of their boards are designed with delicate artwork, unique to the brand. Their boards are able to handle even the most extreme of sessions from the professionals & with 15 years plus experience they can back this up.

They are focuses on producing boards that make you go fast and travel far. From cutting out marine ply to a longboard shape and bolted trucks/wheels, the sport has come a long way!

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