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Osprey was founded out of the surf scene, from Devon, UK. WIth a desire to product products for entry level skating their products represent outstanding value for the price paid. They don't spend money on unnecessary advertising or sponsorship, they simply do a great job of what they run and aim to do it properly, we consider them the Primark of Skating. If you're new to any of the skating sports they sell products in then they offer great starter products before you develop onto something more mature.

Osprey run a range of value for money products in a whole range of sports, in and around the outdoors. Specifically Osprey have really great value roller skates and inline skates for your entry level skater, whilst their Cruisers offer what many other brands do but at half the price.

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Are Osprey a good skate brand?

Osprey offer fantastic value for money for entry level skaters and are one of the best starter brands on the market.

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