Penny Cruisers & Skateboards

Penny Skateboards offer the ultimate cruising boards and are very easy to ride. In the last few years they've made a huge comeback as retro skateboarders and a totally younger, new generation have got back to the fun of boarding. Penny Skateboards is known for being all about having fun and living in the moment, and sharing fun times together. Penny's boards are made of plastic, unlike the traditional skateboards, and are heavily linked to music and style culture. You'll often find a Penny at music festivals, the beach and parties. Penny's were originally designed to enable riders to go barefoot.

Born out of a passion for skateboarding, Ben Mackay (founder of Penny), from the age of 5 with his first ever plastic skateboard, the desire for Penny was born. Ben had worked for 12 years in skateboard manufacturing, applied his experience and knowledge into the release of ultra fun plastic skateboards. Penny are designed to look great, perform well and exceed the expectations of riders.

Penny focuses on short cruisers, they've helped to revive the plastic skateboard, back into the mainstream by helping make it a lifestyle item that brings back the fun of freedom on boards. Penny run a range of complete cruisers and the customisable parts to go with it too. As lightweight boards made of plastic, making them incredible strong and pretty indestructable. Penny's come in 3 sizes - 22", 27" (the Nickel) and the 36" longboard size. Students love penny boards, those riding down at the beach at in the schools.

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